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2th Floor, Nagasaki Dejima Wharf, 1-1 Dejima-machi, Nagasaki City

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tourist city

“Nagasaki City” located in Kyusyu Region in Japan is a sightseeing spot visited by as many as 7 million tourists annually.

・It takes 120 minutes by air from Tokyo.
・There is a world's cultural heritage.
・Nagasaki is connected with Christianity.
・This site has a gourmet street famous for local foods and dishes including fresh fishes, Goto beef, champon noodle, and castella (Portuguese sponge cake).
・As this is a tourist city, you can visit several sightseeing spots on foot there.
・Nagasaki has Gunkan Island as the shooting location of a motive titled “Attack on Titan”.

from tokyo


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World’s Cultural Heritage

World’s Cultural Heritage in the Nagasaki Region Located in the north-western part of Kyushu island.

Nagasaki is the place where Christianity was banned in 1612.
Through this world cultural heritage titled as “Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region”, you can become familiar with those people who created the way of living for making their faith survive while keeping through their faith solely with its believers with the absence of a missionary and being involved in the public society without isolating themselves.

resort facilities

World’s Cultural Heritage in Amakusa Area of Nagasaki.

In Meiji Period, Ioh Island used to hold the largest number of Christians in Japan due to the popularization of Christianity.
This tiny island with less than 700 people has two churches - Magome Church and Daimyoji Church. In this island, you can move around by bicycle and have fun at resort facilities.
This is an island in which a wide range of generations from small children to elderly people can enjoy themselves.



Top Destinations

Nagasaki City 1 Day Model Plan

Enjoy Nagasaki with full of experiences!


Atomic Bomb course by Nagasaki Walks guide

Visit Peace Park, Hypocenter and Atomic Bomb museum with an English-Speaking local guide!


Kimono Hoppen

Rent a Kimono,enjoy lunch and explore the city with Kimono in the afternoon.


Lunch at Local Japanese Restaurant “Ichiriki”

Enjoy Nagasaki Shippoku cuisine with Kimono.
(Alternative Yossou/Kagetsu)


DownTown/Dejima/Glover Garden course by Nagasaki Walks guide (Your choice)

Explore Nagasaki city and learn about the history and culture with a local guide.


Return Kimono at Hoppen


Nagasaki Wellness

Get oil massage/Shiatsu/Reiki healing and relax after a long day


Stay at i+Land nagasaki in Iojima Island

Enjoy Island Lumina Night Walk at night and various activity on next day.

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Nagasaki Walks

Nagasaki Walks tours will help you take in Nagasaki’s rich history and culture by chatting with our local guides and strolling around our streets and points of interest.


Kimono Hoppen

At [Kimono Hoppen], a Kimono rental shop, we always offer more than 80 Kimonos and Yukatas suitable for each season, and we also rent small items including a set.



Historic scenes and the passion of the Ishin patriots, Traditional Japanese Restaurant with the Meiji Restoration’s remnants.


Nagasaki Wellness

Experience unique wellness activities in Nagasaki, Japan. Meet our qualified professional wellness providers.
NAGASAKI WELLNESS offers quality health and wellness activities for tourists.


i+Land nagasaki

Surrounded by the blue sky and blue sea, this is an entertainment resort filled with the unique charm of the island. You can enjoy the bountiful nature, facilities and abundant activities utilizing these.

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